Barack Obama’s “Christmas greeting” photo (left), President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credit: Twitter, BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

It seems that liberals would like the entire world to all be just like them. Wanting everyone to look the same and act the same without any real defining cultures or beliefs, the only way they can attain true “unity” and “equality” is if Western society gives up “bigoted” beliefs and learns to appreciate everyone else’s.

Although President Donald Trump has most recently declared his victory in the “war against Christmas,” he wasn’t able to do so without a fight. In fact, one of the biggest proponents against Christmas was none other than Barack Obama.

As you may remember, he always made sure to use “inclusive” terms and phrases like “Happy Holidays,” as well as celebrate a wide variety of Muslim holidays at the White House. In the end, he made it perfectly clear that the Christian majority in the U.S. wasn’t his main concern.

With over 70% of all Americans being Christians, Obama chose to virtually spit in the face of the people whom he was elected to represent. He even seemed to prefer to ignore Christianity while acknowledging other religions such as Islam – which makes up less than 1% of all Americans.

Of course, when someone chooses to accommodate the 1% over the 70% majority, he exposes where his heart truly lies. Despite all of this, Obama most recently shocked Americans as he took some time out of his day to personally wish everyone a “Merry Christmas.”

Dropping a random picture on Twitter, his sentiments seemed rather nice – but not for long. The image would blow up in Obama’s face as a few people pointed out something rather odd that both TruthFeed and The Gateway Pundit refer to as downright “disturbing.”

The image shows Barack and Michelle Obama along with their children, Malia and Sasha, standing behind several children dressed as elves. There’s just one problem – the picture is actually from 2015.

Apparently, Obama couldn’t be bothered to take a new picture with his family or even take the time out to find a new picture to post. In addition, many people are suggesting that Obama is still hiding his disdain for Christmas. One social media user wrote, “Imagine hating Christmas so much that you use the same picture, in 2015 and 2017.”

What’s more, perhaps the picture is an indication of bigger problems. Is it possible that 2017 didn’t provide the Obamas with an opportunity for a family photo? Could there be trouble in paradise? Or, perhaps, he’s just too lazy to get spruced up for the camera.

Afterall, not only was this man a do-nothing Senator but he took his lackadaisical, self-serving work ethic to the White House. America suffered under his reign, but because he played the emotions of the left, they love him and laud him as a hero.

Too bad for them, they look like fools as they praise the man who stole from them, made life worse for them, and became filthy rich off of them. It doesn’t take much to see through the lies and the deceit of Obama, but you have to want to acknowledge the truth for what it is. Those who don’t will merely fight to the death in favor of a man simply because they want to remain blinded by their own bias. What a pathetic mentality to have – and yet, it’s all Obama ever needed to succeed in life.

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