Left-Wing Media Tries to Spin Spygate, Cartoonist Scott Adams Exposes Their Lies

This week, we’ve learned bombshell revelations about what the FBI did to try to take Donald Trump’s campaign down. Naturally, the left-wing media tried to distort the facts in order to protect former President Barack Obama. However, cartoonist Scott Adams shut them down with just one tweet.

The unfolding drama of #SPYGATE can be a bit hard to follow. But it boils down to this: Obama, the Democrats, and their flunkies in the deep state tried to destroy Trump’s campaign. Using a made-up “dossier” of lies, they tried to frame Trump as a Russian puppet. The same dossier that CNN tried to break as “news” was used by our DOJ to acquire warrants to spy on Donald Trump. Meaning, they used false information to get a warrant to spy on an American citizen. Very illegal.

It only gets worse from there. The FBI, most likely on orders from Obama, sent at least one informant into the Trump campaign. This person pretended to be a Trump ally, trying to work his way into the team. His goal was to gather as much dirt on Trump as possible. Either so the FBI or DOJ could prosecute Trump over something he did wrong. But, Trump didn’t do anything wrong, so they got nothing.

Their entire scheme was built around the assumption that Trump was as corrupt as the Democrats. It all fell apart when they learned that he wasn’t. Big surprise.

Only now are we learning that agents in the FBI went to such great lengths to undermine our democracy. Think about it: Obama’s people tried to take down a legitimate candidate for President, to make sure Hillary Clinton won. Yeah, I think that trumps Watergate.

But what has the left-wing media done? Like sailors trying to bail water out of a sinking ship, they’ve tried to spin #SPYGATE. They are desperately hoping the American public doesn’t learn the truth about what the last administration was up to. Good luck.

Scott Adams, free thinker and creator of the comic Dilbert, decided to weigh in on the issue. Like much of his writings, he managed to expose the left’s stupidity in just a signal tweet.

President Donald Trump on Sunday demanded an investigation into whether the FBI or Justice Department infiltrated or surveilled his campaign for political purposes. Ever since, the spin has been intense, what with those who formerly had called Trump’s charges of spying a conspiracy theory suddenly deciding that any infiltration of his campaign by an informant was done to protect him.

If it all seems a bit much to take in, Scott Adams stepped up Wednesday to compile everything the mainstream media’s written about #SPYGATE so far into just one tweet. [Source: Twitchy]

That pretty much sums up what the media is trying to do. They first denied President Trump’s claims that Obama was spying on his campaign. Yet when the cat got out of the bag, they had nothing. They can’t go back and deny what they originally said. Also, they can’t ignore the fact that we know the FBI sent a spy.

What do they do? They actually tried to say the spy was there to “protect” Trump. Suurrrre. We’re buying that. Because you normally send spies into an organization (without their knowledge) to protect them. I guess it’s opposite day.

This is exactly why Americans have lost their faith in the mainstream media. They are so dishonest at this point. Journalists can’t even keep track of their own lies. Scott Adams brilliantly humiliated them with just a few words.

Because of their liberal bias, the media has given up on being honest, factual, and fair. They go out of their way to protect Democrats and slander Trump and his supporters. Even when the facts are plain as the nose on their faces, they try to spin it. It only ends up hurting them.

As you can imagine, many people online commended Adams’ comments.

We are about to see one of the most significant moments in American history. President Donald Trump has already ordered the DOJ to investigate this scandal. On top of that, they are reopening Hillary Clinton’s email server case.

There’s a very good chance that ALL the bones in the last administrations’ closet are going to come tumbling out. By the way, that’s why the left-wing media is so scared.