Hollywood liberal Mila Kunis just went too far. She is simply one more Hollywood fraud, following a long line of amazing disfavors to offend our President and Vice President.

What’s more, Mike Pence did not trust his ears when he heard what Mila has been doing in his name. For a considerable length of time. Simply out of resentment.

Performer Mila Kunis expertly trolls our Vice President Mike Pence on a month to month basis.

On Thursday’s show of “Conan,” the “Bad Moms” star uncovered how she protests Pence and his approaches on limiting access to reproductive health care.

“I disagreed with some of the stuff that Pence was doing and was trying to do,” she stated.

To remind Pence that “there are ladies out there on the planet that might possibly not concur with his platform,” Kunis has set up a repeating month to month gift to a specific charitable association in his name.

Afterwards she tried to apologize even if she did not want to do it. She assured us that all she wanted is to protest our Vice President. Check the video below:

All credits for the video goes to the youtube channel “Team Coco.”

Again a liberal Hollywood trying to set up chaos against our leaders… Share this article, please!