People who support calls for the death of homosexuals, persecutes Christians and Jews and makes woman second class citizens do not deserve place in the United States. More clearly, Sharia law must be stopped immediately, and those who support it need to go away from our country.
It’s widely known that Trump is one of the biggest haters of Sharia law, and he promised many changes on this major problem in America.
According to Patriot Journal:
Muslims who support Sharia law are not welcomed in our country. Muslims groups are trying to implement this to the society in every possible way and put it above the laws, which is really frustrating for the American population.
Thankfully some countries are trying to fight back, and they have full support from president Trump. 23 new bills were introduced in 18 states in 2017, attempting to prohibit the practice of Islamic religious law, or sharia, in US courts. Now there are total of 43 states, in which this legislative is being sent from 2010 until now.


It became law only in Arkansas and Texas so far. Another four countries are attempting: Colorado, Connecticut, North Dakota and Wisconsin. The bills are trying not to offend Islam or Sharia, but instead, they talk of “foreign laws” being banned in US jurisdictions. Of course the Muslims would find this disturbing and they call anti-sharia policy “Islamophobic” and hateful towards Muslims.
Liberals also find this disturbing, as we know they have sympathies to the Muslim population. It’s known that they use only their votes and do not care about their feelings. Luckily there are some Muslims who will support this legislative.

Extremist groups try to impose it over the territory of America, and they even set up their own courts, in violation to our courts. Thankfully, more states try to face this problem and put an end of this era. It remains to see whether they will succeed and solve this problem once for all.
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