Recently on “Democracy Now!” Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) had an interview during which he discussed about many political topics concerning President Trump.

McAuliffe gave this interview while being in Germany with many leaders and governors, trying to stop President Trump’s choice to end America’s involvement in the Paris climate deal.

McAuliffe stated, “I’m here because we need to send a message to the world—forget what Donald Trump says: That we are serious about climate change. I’m the governor of Virginia. When Trump moved out of the Paris climate agreement, I was the first governor to come out and say we are going to do it ourselves, so there’s an executive directive.”

“I’m doing what should have been done at the national level in the Paris agreement. So I’m embarrassed by what Donald Trump did. So I’m here to spread the message that Trump isolated himself. He did not isolate the United States of America.”

He included, “Trump has no credibility after he pulled out of Paris. I always say, he’s tweeting all day, he’s like the crazy uncle up in the closet—I mean up in the attic. You just don’t know what he’s going to do on a given day.”

“He talks about jobs, but he is not delivering jobs. Not only on climate, look what he has done on the travel ban. Look what he is doing on immigration. Look what he is doing on health care.”

“He has done nothing but hurt. I can say this as governor of Virginia. My premiums are going up 53 percent in health care. He has terrorized my immigrant community.”